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Premium Photography Ebook Download

[Download] All Access: Your Backstage Pass to Concert Photography

Concert photography poses a unique set of challenges to photographers, including night or low-light, inconsistent stage lighting, a moving subject matter, limitations on vantage point, complex exposure situations, and no chance for re-takes. Compounded with those hurdles is a lack of resources on this subject?until now. All Access: Your Backstage Pass... …

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[Download] Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography, 2nd Edition Ebook

Click Here To Download Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography, 2nd Edition Ebook using Google Drive Direct Links. In this updated, second edition of the authoritative, bestselling Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography, photographer NK Guy brings the book fully up to date, with coverage of all the newest Canon gear that has hit... …

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[Download] Architectural Photography: Composition, Capture, and Digital Image Processing

Architectural photography is more than simply choosing a subject and pressing the shutter-release button; it’s more than just documenting a project. An architectural photograph shows the form and appeal of a building far better than any other medium. With the advent of the digital photographic workflow, architects, real estate firms,... …

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[Download] Four Arts of Photography: An Essay in Philosophy Ebook

In Four Arts of Photography, Dominic McIver Lopes explores the history of photography through the lens of philosophy and proposes a new scholarly understanding of the art form for the 21st century. Art lovers and critics have been captivated by photography since its invention, but they have also been plagued by questions... …

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